• Genuinely Concerned

    He was genuinely concerned about the outcome of our cases and walked us through six separate trials. His unmatched confidence in the courtroom and knowledge of the law was evident in the final outcome of our case.

    - Former Client

  • Great Experience with Dana!
    Dana took my case after an average experience with a prominent attorney in Franklin. He handled the case professionally, but spoke candidly with me as well. Which was important during a traumatic time. I wanted equal custody with my 1 year old daughter and I walked away with 43% and no finger pointing in court. Dana defended me well against bold allegations and wasn't afraid to fight for me. Thank you Dana.

    - Former Client

  • Dana is second to NONE
    Dana, You did an amazing job on helping us through this case. From the first day we spoke you assured me that you would get the case dismissed, you took the time to thoroughly explain how the process would work and there were no delays in the time frame or the court date. You truly provided us with great guidance and assistance throughout the process. I must say this was such a overwhelming time for both Jeremy and myself just dealing with the unknown and the sleepless nights and extra stress that we felt was very difficult. We are truly good people who experienced a stumble in our home and we both have learned our lesson behind this case for sure. Thank you again for representing me and handling the case as seamless as possible, I walked away yesterday holding my head higher than I have since that situation happened. Best Regards, Jeremy & Alisha

    - Jeremy & Alisha

  • Refreshing!!!
    As a business owner of 34 years I have had my share of litigation. OMG I actually found an attorney I respect and really like!!! Dana is thorough and fast. He has clear thoughts and explains things well so everyone understands the situation. He doesn't make small talk and waist time and money (which is really refreshing). Litigation is a stressful situation, it's so important to have someone who is really smart on your side looking out for ALL of your best interests. He is a talented attorney and worth every penny because he doesn't waist your (hard earned) money or pad the bill with unneeded extras. Really refreshing!!! Thanks Dana!!!

    - Diana

  • Life Changer Attorney

    I am a 56 year old out of state nurse with an excellent driving record and no prior convictions. Unfortunately I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and I was pulled over for a broken head light that some how turned into a much bigger deal. I was frightened and overwhelmed by this unexpected situation. I randomly picked an Attorney and was fortunate enough to get Dana. All I can say is that I can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me. He was able to reduce my sentence and It definitely was a life changer. I highly recommend Dana, from his excellent communication through this 6 month ordeal to the final very positive outcome. You don’t need to look for anyone else. Hire Dana McLendon, he is the Attorney you want. Thanks Dana. I am Blessed

    - Former Client

  • Dana McLendon
    I couldn't be more pleased with hiring Dana McLendon. He was dependable, kind, thoughtful, and can't thank him enough for his time. Thank you, Dana.

    - Bryan

  • Dana is a Six star professional Lawyer
    I was scared and nervous when I received a summons to appear in Davidson County out of nowhere. I had not met Dana before I hired him as my attorney. I had many friends that I knew that knew Dana and they provided me honest glowing endorsements of him as a Man,Father, Husband, Lawyer and friend. After the endorsements from friends that I trusted, I contacted Dana. He returned my phone calls personally and answered on the 2nd ring several times. I was able to reach him when I needed and I initially felt at ease with the ease of accessibility. Immediately when I began talking to him, I could tell he was an experienced attorney and he cared about me even though he had never met me. Dana was thorough and prepared to deal with my case from the first minute of the phone call. From the first moment on the phone to after the trial date Dana is and was a Six star Lawyer. I never lacked confidence in Dana's defensive and offensive abilities. I talked to other Lawyers...Dana is worth entrusting your future too. I wouldn't hesitate to endorse him like my friends did now.

    - Blake